FSAE Lincoln – Day 3: Dynamic Events & Design Finals

The night before the third day of competition, the team anxiously awaited for the list of design finalists to be released. The next day’s strategy greatly depended on the results of this event because not only did it secure the team a certain amount of points for the event, but extended the competition by a few hours as the team would participate in another round of questioning by the top tier of design judges. The team wasn’t disappointed as the news arrived confirming the fact that Missouri S&T Racing had in fact been included in the small group of design finalists. As the late night preparations ended and the early morning began, the team headed off to the competition site in order to set up the paddock for a busy day of dynamic events. Once the trailer was unloaded and set up for the day, the team prepared the car  for the first round of dynamic events. Mia kicked off the day in the acceleration event where both drivers took each of their attempts at gaining the fastest time. After Mia’s last trip down the acceleration strip, the team had earned a respectable 13th place. Once the car was pulled into the staging area, a few minor adjustments were made for the skidpad event. As soon as these adjustments were completed, the car was pushed on toward the skidpad area to wait in line for the first driver to compete. After two solid runs, a driver change was required to finish the team’s time in the skidpad event. With all four runs complete, the team was able to earn a 5th place position in skidpad. Now that the first round of dynamic events were over, the team now headed back to the paddock to get the car ready for the autocross event that would occur later in the afternoon. Since learning of their design finalist status, the team, along with preparing the car for the next event, also began preparing mentally for design finals. Once Mia was fitted in her autocross setting, she was pushed off toward the autocross event ready and raring to go. After waiting in line, the car pulled up to the start line and continued by pulling off two satisfactory runs before a slight issue was brought to the surface by the track workers. It had seemed as if there were issues with our front wing barely tapping the surface of the tarmac. After hearing this information, the team swiftly brought the car back to the paddock for a quick spring change in attempts to extinguish this issue. Once the team was back at the autocross event, it wasn’t long until the car was back out on the track and the team continued thinking more and more about the upcoming design final event. At the end of all four runs, the team ended up with a 4th place finish in autocross. With the dynamic events done for the day, the team returned to the paddock to set the car up and make final preparations for the second round of design. A couple hours later and an intense design competition successfully completed, the team was completely worn out. With a stressful day complete, the team brought the car back to the paddock to begin preparations for the endurance event that would occur on the next day.

Choose Design Team
  • Student Design Teams
  • Missouri S&T Racing
  • Miner Aviation
  • Baja SAE
  • Missouri S&T Concrete Canoe
  • Engineers Without Borders
  • Formula SAE Electric
  • Human Powered Vehicle Team
  • Missouri S&T iGEM
  • Missouri S&T Underwater Robotics
  • Missouri S&T Solar Car Team
  • Missouri S&T Solar House Design Team
  • Steel Bridge Design Team
  • Mars Rover Design Team
  • Multirotor Robot Design Team
  • Missouri S&T Chem E Car
  • Missouri S&T Rocket Design Team
  • Miner Motorcycle Design Team
  • Combat Robotics
  • Nuclear Science Design Team
  • Space Week
  • Solar House Dev