FSAE Lincoln Day 4: Endurance

As the sun rose on the fourth and final day of competition, the Missouri S&T Formula SAE Racing team was ready to be the fourth from last team to take an attempt at the imperative endurance event. Being in this position meant that Mia would be competing against some of the faster cars at the Formula SAE Lincoln competition. After the car completed the first stint of endurance everything was looking good, and it seemed as if Mia would have no problem taking on the last 11km of the event. Once the car was pulled in for the driver change, it seemed like a single blink of an eye until she was back out on the track. As the car began the second stint, after about an eight to a quarter of the way into the first lap, the car unfortunately came to a sudden stop as the front right wheel came completely separated from the car and went sprawling down the far end of the tarmac luckily away from the event and all spectators. Due to this, the team was unfortunately unable to complete the endurance event. Once the final car crossed the finish line and all the scores were calculated, the team went on to earn a 20th place finish overall. Not a horrible finish noting the DNF status in endurance, but definitely not the way the team would have liked to end the competition season. The team plans to strive forward with the upcoming design season keeping in mind that from failures comes lessons learned and successes to come. Competition Results: Acceleration: 13th Skidpad: 5th Autocross: 4th Endurance: DNF Design: 7th Presentation: 32nd Cost: 27th Fuel Efficiency: 26th Overall: 20th FSAE Lincoln 2014 – Final Results The team would like to thank all of the sponsors and supporters for helping the team create such a successful car this year. Our success would not be possible without your continued support. Thank you from all of us here at Missouri S&T Racing.

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