FSAE Lincoln – Day 2: Tech Inspection, Tilt/Noise/Brake Test, & Static Events

The team arrived at the Lincoln Airpark on the second day of competition ready to tackle quite a congested schedule full of both inspection and static events. As the car was prepared and pushed off for tech, Brad Macias was hard at work making final preparations to the team’s business presentation just before heading off to the event’s off-site location. After a decent initial inspection, the team was forced to bring the car back into the paddocks in order to make further adjustments. With the morning dragging along, the team finished up all adjustments needed to re-tech with full confidence. Just enough of a gap allowed the team to go back to the technical inspection area before their showing at the design event. Once Mia was equipped with a new sticker, she was pushed straight back to the paddock area for the team members to recollect their thoughts, and grab everything needed for a smooth and successful design event. After a strong and well rounded design presentation from the design engineers on the team, the car was put through both fuel and the tilt test before having to make a quick detour over to the main tent for the cost event. The team was able to recollect all lost points from the cost event and attain all real case scenario points before having to head back over to the noise and brake test. First up was noise. As the team had experience in the FSAE Michigan competition, the noise test would be the most difficult inspection process to complete. To the team’s surprise, a single attempt was all that was needed to get past sound and continue on to the brake test event with a huge sign of relief as everyone on the team was confident to pass brakes without issue. After a few runs down the brake testing area, the team returned to their paddock with a car full of not only FSAE Michigan tech stickers, but also full of FSAE Lincoln tech stickers as well. Happy, stress-free, and content with the eventful, busy, and stressful day, the team calmly packed everything into the trailer for the night and headed back to the hotel eager to find out who had made design finals set to take place the very next day.

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